I shoot almost all my sessions in a style known as “Beloved!”

A Beloved session is a photographic exploration of laughter and love. Between two people or among an entire family! Beloved sessions adopt an interactive approach – where the focus is on each other, NOT the camera. We play games, shoot the breeze, and have a great time, rather than stand awkawrdly and say “cheese.”

{BELOVED COUPLE SESSIONS}  These sessions are designed for ALL couples: about to be married, married for 1 year, 15 years, or 45 years – it doesn’t matter.  It is a time to come together and remember why you fell in love in the first place!

The clarity of our love and appreciation for our partner often become muddy over time.   The fire and intensity of our passion wane while hectic schedules, distractions, or even hurt & misunderstandings can stack up between us.   Our ability to recognize what is most precious – our deep and enduring love – is many times set aside and forgotten.

I invite you to remember.  Rediscover your love.  Then capture it so you never forget.  This is the dream of Beloved!  NO stiffed poses or forced smiles – just genuine love, through and through!

{BELOVED FAMILY SESSIONS}  Because formal portraits are hectic and painful for families of all sizes, Beloved Family sessions keep it fun and relaxed the entire time!  Celebrating the joy and hilarity of family life, we bring parents, kids, and pets together for a unique interactive experience: picnics, hiking, reading, surfing, or whatever your family loves to do – with a camera that just happens to be there to capture the snuggles, giggles, and guffaws.  Your families grows and changes so quickly, so don’t hesitate to capture all that love and laughter today!

All Beloved sessions includes 1.5-2 hours of guided invitations to imagine, recollect, laugh, and reconnect with your mate and family.   Want more info?  Just EMAIL ME and we’ll chat!